How to Turn Table to Wine Rack

The final step in your kitchen remodeling project is to turn the table to wine rack. This can be done by taking apart the shelf and placing a new glass stand in its place. Before removing the shelf you should measure it from the top of the shelf to the bottom of the wine rack. Then mark the measurement onto the material in order to have a precise number on the new glass stand.

Cut two pieces of hardware cloth that will fit into the slot where the shelving used to be. This is how you will know the size of the cabinet door opening to fit into when you remove the old glass stand. Insert the pieces in the opening and tie a knot in the hardware cloth to keep it in place.

Secure the new glass stand to the cabinet with glue or a screw. To do this you will want to locate the little screw hole on the bottom of the glass stand. Draw a line on the hardware cloth with a pencil so you can guide the glue or screwdriver through the line, followed by a small bit of wood.

A very simple way to install wine racks is to use plumbing clamps. You simply clamp the new stand to the rack until it is straight. Once it is straight, place the rack on the same hardware cloth and attach with glue or a screw.

Then you will need to secure the rack to the floor. The easiest way to do this is to use cement glue and a wide space wrench. Do not use a hammer as it could break or dent the rack.

Finally, set the rack back into the cabinet and re-attach the shelf. You are finished!

For additional privacy, consider using one of these racks. These types of shelves come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One option is a contemporary cabinet with a reversible slot for a new glass stand. The side of the cabinet will slide away, revealing the rack beneath.

If you have a large wine collection, you may wish to choose larger more decorative smaller wine racks. A corner cabinet that is reminiscent of a wine rack would be a great choice for storage in any corner of your kitchen.

You can also buy a wine stacker that attaches to your bottom shelves to create a three-tier wine rack. This is a great way to save money, because you will not have to purchase three separate pieces of shelves. The stacker also adds decoration to your kitchen.

Also take note that many cabinet cabinets are made of natural wood material, and will show staining if you place your wine bottles in them. The cabinets are more expensive to buy, so I would recommend purchasing one on sale or auction.

If you decide to replace the wine rack you purchased, be sure that you check the dimensions of the old cabinet before you make a purchase. Because some cabinets are smaller than others, this will help you decide if you will need to remove the base of the cabinet, or purchase another one with the right dimensions.

After you have installed the new glass stand, you will want to display it in the same location as your old glass stand. I have used my original one, as well as my new one to store vino in.